Solec South Africa becomes Alumo Energy

Johannesburg, South Africa

Established in 2017 by property developers, Matthew and Rein, Alumo Energy was established with the vision to provide a sustainable solution to the increasing demand for energy in South Africa. Starting as an electrical contractor they moved into the commercial solar industry installing large systems for the likes of Solar Africa for all Balwin properties in Gauteng.

They, however, saw a unique opportunity to move into the residential solar market offering an end to end solution to homeowners"

The inspiration behind the Solec South Africa name change was simple, to avoid copyright infringement but also gave us the opportunity to rebrand in a way that aligned more with our renewed values. Going from a solar centric company to an energy-focused household brand.

Founder, Rein said about Alumo “Our vision is to bring behavioural change to communities and families to use energy more efficiently. We would like to one day see every homeowner saying my home runs on Alumo.” 

The rebrand of Alumo Energy Solutions brings a renewed opportunity for the team to become a household name, and re-establish trust in the energy industry.